18 November 2018  |  10.45 am  |  Morgan Jamieson  |  Matthew 19:1-12

Jesus’ choice to pursue a single, celibate lifestyle ‘for the sake of the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 19) does not undermine the importance and value of marriage, but reminds us that we are called to place every aspect of our relationships at God’s disposal.

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11 November 2018  |  10.45 am  |  Dave Lazonby  |  Matthew 10: 34-42

Through Jesus, God brings us into his new family. We explore today what it means to be a church, not made up of different individuals and particular biological families, but a church who together are a big extended family.

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11 November 2018  |  7.00 pm  |  Brian More  |  Ephesians 5:1-22

Remembering the need for the church to be a community of care, Brian looks at Ephesians 5 and what a caring community, centred on Jesus, looks and sounds like.

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4 November 2018  |  10.45 am  |  Steve Holmes  |  Genesis 2:18-25, Matthew 19:1-10

Steve Holmes offers a way to read Genesis 2 and hold together the beauty and vulnerability of human sexuality. Offering a Gospel centred approach he challenges any notion of ‘perfect' or 'normal’ seeing Genesis 3 as a reality that shapes us all.

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28 October 2018  |  10.45 am  |  Brian More  |  Matthew 7:13-14

Drawing from the Sermon on the Mount, Brian highlights what Jesus said about himself and how this makes him unique and a divisive figure for people who only see him as a figure in history. Pluralism says Jesus isn’t unique, the Bible tells us otherwise.

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