13 January 2019  |  11.00 am  |  Dave Lazonby  |  John 13: 1-7

As the “hour” of Jesus death approaches, he makes time for his closest disciples. Jesus invites us into this intimate space of discipleship, growing in knowledge of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and enjoying his presence.

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13 January 2019  |  7.00 pm  |  Ruth Walker  |  Exodus 31: 1-11

This sermon is the second in our series on the 6Ms, looking at distinctive ways to live as a Christian. It explores God's mandate for work and the value God places on the work we do and an encouragement that as we do good work, people will encounter the living God and will give glory to God our heavenly Father

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6 January 2019  |  11.00 am  |  Brian More  |  Luke 2:22-40

Reminding us that the significance of Jesus’ birth is first understood by people in their 80’s, Brian opens up Luke 2 with Simeon and Anna’s joy and delight at the arrival of Jesus.

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6 January 2019  |  7.00 pm  |  Dave Lazonby  |  Genesis 39

Starting a new series looking at how we live our faith in our everyday lives. Beginning with the example of Joseph, who modelled Godly character - resisting the temptations of both failure and success, and working wholeheartedly for God wherever he found himself.

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30 December 2018  |  10.45 am  |  Morgan Jamieson  |  Matthew 2: 1-18

When the wise men worshipped Jesus, they worshipped the 'fact of Christ', the Word made flesh, and living among us.


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