8 March 2020  |  11.00 am  |  Dave Lazonby  |  Matthew 6, 1 Timothy 6

Jesus speaks of the very real dangers of wealth – that it can get a hold on our heart, make us arrogant and cause us to misplace our hopes. But he also paints a vision of a life free from the grip of wealth, trusting in God, living generously and simply!

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1 March 2020  |  11.00 am  |  Brian More  |  Matthew 6: 1-4

Jesus' words to those who like to be seen giving to the poor are challenging words. Brian leads us through Matthew 6:1-4 with reminder not to be like the hypocrites.

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23 February 2020  |  11.00 am  |  Brian More, Ken Mitchell, Karon Cormack  |  Galatians 2

Paul puts Peter right on racism. How to hear the wise council of leaders?

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16 February 2020  |  11.00 am  |  Dave Lazonby, Becky Forsyth, Tim Andrew, Ruth Walker  |  2 Tim 1

Who is your Timothy? Who are you drawing alongside to guide and encourage? How can you be part of raising up leaders for the next generation?

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