|  11.00 am  |  Dave Lazonby  |  2 Tim 3:14 - 4:4

Learning to read God’s Word with an open heart and an open mind ready to be challenged, taught, or even rebuked!

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12 January 2020  |  7.00 pm  |  Brian More  |  Isaiah 40: 18-26

Worshipping idols isn’t worshipping God. Isaiah 40 makes the case for worship focussed on who God is and what he has done. Brian reflects in our PRAY as to why biblical theology always tops ideology!

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5 January 2020  |  11.00 am  |  Brian More  |  Psalm 119: 9-16

Looking through this short section of Psalm 119 we see enough to be inspired to know God by meditating on his word and promise. Brian leads us to consider how meditating on God’s word reveals our identity and gives us reason to hope.
1 of 4 messages on Scripture and Meditation

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5 January 2020  |  7.00 pm  |  Brian More  |  Ezekiel 36: 26

God’s promise to put a new spirit and a new heart in hi people is a sign of his love and willingness to act. Ezekiel 36 foreshadows the coming of the Spirit and the renewal of our lives in Jesus.

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