As a church we want to grow bigger and smaller at the same time so people have a space to belong and to grow in faith together.

We’d love everyone to be part of a small group, so that we can:

developing deep, prayerful relationships

applying the bible personally to our lives

being equipped to live for Jesus Monday to Friday

Our small groups that currently meet (Sept 2021) are as follows:

Sunday 7pm – Roses (in church) – Fortnightly –  Andrea Young & Janice Galloway

Monday 10am – FAB (in church) – Carolyn Auld

10am – Ladies (in homes) – Sheila Murray
8pm – Kirkhill (in homes) – Keira & Stewart Guthrie
8pm – Mearns (in church) – 2nd and 4th of the month – John Twnham-Perkins

8pm – Newton (on Zoom) – Willie Henry & Alison Adams
8pm – Crookfur (on Zoom) – Peter Twynholm-Perkins & John Bingham
8pm – Chics (in homes ) – Ruth Walker & Andrea Young
8pm – Greenfarm (in church) – 1st and 3rd of the month – Gordon & Sheila Murray

7.30pm – Stewarton (in homes) – Alan & Barbara Campbell
8.00pm – Giffnock (in homes & zoom) – Nick & Andrea Blair
8.00pm- Warnock (in homes) – 1st and 3rd of the month – Muriel McAllister & Alison Hemmingsley

If you’d like to join a group, contact Dave and let him know what day and time suits you best and he’ll help you to find a group that will work for you.

Email Dave