Our Community



Alpha is a chance to explore the Christian faith, to ask questions and to share your point of view in a relaxed and friendly environment. The group meets together once a week over food to watch a video and discuss the big questions of life. Find out more at alpha.org


We usually run Alpha twice a year – starting in September and February.


Either in homes or in the church


We seek to bless our community by providing groups that people will enjoy and giving people the chance to encounter Jesus for themselves. Find out more about these groups in the Children, Youth or Midweek sections of our site.


From our Oasis Café to our groups for older folk, we seek to reach the needs of our community with the love of Jesus. There’s more information about specific groups in the Midweek section of our site.

Our City

We care about the needs of our city – spiritual and material – and we seek to work together with other churches to share Jesus’ love in our city. This happens in many ways, but three of our main links are:



Providing hope and practical care to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our city, particularly the homeless. We collect tinned food, have a number of regular volunteers and support their work financially.



Demonstrating compassionate care on our city streets and being a visible Christian witness to those who receive their care and attention. We have a number of street pastors and prayer pastors and seek to support the work of this great organisation.



Scripture Union Scotland work with children and young people across Glasgow and throughout Scotland to enable them to encounter Jesus and explore the bible. We support the work of SU through volunteers, giving and prayer, particularly through the SU groups in our local schools and in the summer camps which give many children and young people the chance to respond to the gospel.

Castlemilk Furniture Project


Sharing Jesus’ love by meeting people’s practical need for furniture as they move into accomodation, sometimes from homelessness or because they are here as refugees. We have a link with them through volunteering, supporting their Christmas outreach and by donating used furniture. If you have an item you want to donate, call 0141 630 1938 to arrange for it to be picked up.

Our World

As a church we support a wide range of missionaries and mission organisations around the world: sharing the gospel of Jesus, providing for those in poverty, supporting the persecuted church and meeting practical needs. The main partnership we have at present is:



Self help groups enable members to work their way out of poverty, saving together then making loans to help members establish small businesses and earn money. We are connected with Kale-Heywet church in Ethiopia helping more people to help themselves and enabling the church in Ethiopia to express the love of Jesus in a very practical way.



Open Doors support persecuted Christians in some of the most difficult parts of the world to express faith in Christ. We have a strong heart to support our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world, particularly through our monthly Open Doors prayer meeting and through occasional focuses on the persecuted church within our services.



As a church we have various other mission partners and connections, including the Beaton's in Malawi, the Galbraith’s in Brazil and personal links with Leprosy Mission, the Nazareth Hospital and Aids Africa.

Our Lives


God has placed each of us in neighbourhoods, workplaces, sports teams and elsewhere and our desire as a church is to live out our faith wherever God has placed us. We believe that God cares about the good we can bring to society through our work, the kind of character we display in our friendships, the way we share our faith and the way we speak up for justice. So we seek to equip people to live out their faith in their everyday lives and see this as a key part of our outreach as a church.

In particular we have run Transforming Work and Transforming Retirement courses to help equip people for these particular aspects of life and we seek to encourage all our small groups to focus on where people are placed in their lives throughout the week.