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2010 news
In the news...

23 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Pope Benedict XVI says Christian faith remains strong in Britain

Britain remains a country in which Christian faith is “still strong and active at every level of society”, Pope Benedict XVI said in his first remarks after returning from his historic four-day visit to England and Scotland.  More...


Biblical parting of the Red Sea 'could have happened'

One of the most dramatic episodes in the Old Testament, the parting of the Red Sea, may actually have happened, new research has shown.  More...

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New campaign to defend place of Christians in public life

A Christian advocacy group has launched a new campaign defending the right of Christians to express their faith and beliefs in the public square.  More...


Is Yoga An Anti-Christian Practice?

In a recent blog post, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, examines the argument that practicing yoga may be in direct conflict with the values of Christianity.  More...


Censored web searches do roaring trade

According to AFP, internet search engines created by Christian, Jewish or Muslim groups to filter out queries from web users in a way that is more relevant to them - and keeps them from temptation, alcohol and pornography - are doing a roaring trade.  More...


European Baptist Federation Council - Day 1

Editor: Geoff Colmer reports on the start of the EBF Council in Rome.  More...

Pop pics!

22 September 2010


We've a few little snaps of the recent Pop Connections project we were involved with, both out at Crookfur Primary and right here in our building on Greenfarm Road.  Great stuff!


Pop_connections_1 Pop_connections_2


Pop_connections_3 Pop_connections_4

In the news...

22 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


God² - how science and religion rub along

Protests by atheists against last week's papal visit to the UK have highlighted the age old friction between religion and science. But for hundreds of years thinkers with a foot in both camps have sought to reconcile these two beliefs, says Dr Thomas Dixon.  More...


Biblical parting of the Red Sea 'could have happened'

One of the most dramatic episodes in the Old Testament, the parting of the Red Sea, may actually have happened, new research has shown.  More...

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Pope visit: BBC receives 750 complaints

Hundreds of television viewers have complained to the BBC about its coverage of the Pope’s visit to Britain.  More...


Teresa Lewis: God have mercy on us

As Teresa's prison chaplain, I knew a woman deeply remorseful for her wrong who became an inspiration. To kill her is a crime.  More...


Pastor's suffering strengthens church

Dwayne Maxey, pastor of Eastside Baptist Church in Martin, Tenn., is undergoing treatment for a deadly lung disease. As his community has seen him suffer, the church has grown numerically and spiritually.  More...

In the news...

21 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Tearfund says governments must be held to account on MDGs

Christian development agency Tearfund says world leaders must make “real progress” at the UN summit on the Millennium Development Goals this week.  More...


Churches get ready for the Big Welcome

Hopes are high that the Baptist Union of Great Britain's tailor-made involvement in a national evangelistic initiative will result in churches welcoming thousands who do not regularly attend.  More...

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Archbishop of Canterbury says desire for God is 'undimmed'

Dr Rowan Williams insisted the country has not “turned its back on God” as he personally invited its residents to return to church this week.  More...


Churches form coalition to attend big party conferences

The 'big society', affordable housing and poverty will be on the agenda when leaders and representatives of five Church organisations meet with politicians and activists at the three largest party conferences this autumn.  More...


Pray for me? Christopher Hitchens?

Even the nicest and most caring religious people are often unaware of quite how rude they are being.  More...

In the news...

20 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Papal visit

Here are three viewpoints on the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK: the religious and the rest.  More...


If only the Archbishop of Canterbury dared to speak with a fraction of Benedict’s authority


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Non-Conformist and proud of it



Coleman urges action on women's leadership

The former president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB), the Revd Dr Kate Coleman, has called on the denomination to invest more in promoting women in leadership.  More...


Record intake at IMC

A record intake of mission trainees at the International Mission Centre (IMC, BMS World Mission's training centre in Birmingham) started a period of intensive study, orientation and mission.  More...


Church body to launch new inter-religious health partnership

A delegation of faith-based leaders are to launch a new religious partnership aimed at improving the health of women and children in developing countries.  More...

In the news...

17 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Where's Benny? A Mouse eye view of the Papal visit Day 1

Editor: Church Mouse reviews the first day of the Pope’s visit to Scotland and England.  More...


Russians threaten to end dialogue with Anglicans

THE Russian Orthodox Church has threatened to withdraw from dialogue with Anglicans because of the “liberalism and relativism” of some Anglican Churches, and the development of women bishops in the Church of England.  More...

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'Blue Jesus' wins painting prize

A dark blue painting of Jesus Christ by Keith Coventry has won the £25,000 John Moores Painting Prize.  More...


Is Palin’s Rise Part of God’s Plan?

A revealing e-mail obtained exclusively by Vanity Fair suggests that some see Sarah Palin as a figure of biblical importance. She may even agree.  More...


Hallelujah for Rev

Thank the Lord, the BBC looks set to give the go-ahead for a second series of the superb ecclesiastical comedy.  More...

Losing, losing, lost

19 September 2010


As we continued our new Prodigal God series - with Jesus's parable of the lost son still at the centre of our thinking - Kevin Selbie again helped set the scene for Brian More's message with a monologue.  If you weren't with us today at NMBC then you can listen to Kevin's piece here online.

Lost montage


19 September 2010


Pocast logo

If you Missed the Message this morning, have a listen to Brian More's second message in our new series "Prodigal God".  With Luke 15 as his base text - the parables of the lost sheep, coin and son - Brian continues our look at being lost,.....and found!


If you missed it, or want to listen again, you can listen to, or download, the .mp3 file, here.

Mission matters

17 September 2010




Have you ever stopped to reflect on the fact that we are where we are for a reason?  In other words, have you paused to consider the fact that God has placed and permitted NMBC to be located in Greenfarm Road in the heart of residential Newton Mearns, nestled between Crookfur, Greenfarm and Westacres, and on the verge of the new planned development of Greenlaw Village "for such a time as this"?  Put simply, we are where we are for a reason.  It's part of God's purpose and plan for us as a church.  That should cause us to be excited, yet to trust the Lord, as we focus on His will and walk in His way, in these significant days together - days when the Lord is opening doors for us to engage in mission, whoever we are and wherever He's placed us.


September for us has already been a significant month in terms of our efforts as a church and as individual members of it, to "build missional relationships" - to reach out creatively and imaginatively with the good news of the Gospel.  Through 24:7 Prayer, a number of people, many perhaps unknown to us felt able to share prayer requests, and who knows where those prayer balloons we launched last Saturday may have blown!  Making connections.  Building relationships.


Last Saturday also, we hosted the Mearns Community Week Fun Day when many people from the local community, many who never perhaps go to any church of a Sunday, came in and enjoyed lots of fun, games, face-painting and pakora to name but a few of the attractions.  Again, making connections.  Building relationships.


Pop Connections was for those of us who were there on Wednesday evening and yesterday evening, just amazing and incredibly inspiring.  To see near on 300 children from Crookfur Primary School presenting in concert the dance along and ballad pop songs they'd learned and the church packed to overflowing with parents and grandparents of the children, the majority who probably never go to church, was thrilling.  Two great evenings to reach out and welcome in.  Who knows the spiritual harvest that may well be reaped as a result of Pop ConnectionsPop Connections was about making connections and building relationships with the community that is Crookfur right on our doorstep.


Then there's Mosaic, challenging each of us to reach out imaginatively by creating space to engage informally with perhaps our neighbours, those on our street, and those on the fringe of church.  Again, it's about making connections and building relationships.


Making connections and building relationships is much of what "Back to Church" Sunday, which takes place this Sunday, is all about.  We live, in Newton Mearns, in what's been described as an affluent residential leafy suburb - a place to commute from and a place to retire to.  Many in Mearns have everything, materially, to live with but spiritually, without Christ, are spiritually inpoverished.


Come to church logo


Back to Church Sunday isn't rocket science though.  It's simply about offering a personal invitation to friends and neighbours to come to church on Sunday.  Simply saying "will you come to church with me on Sunday morning"?  So Mission Matters today wants to throw out the challenge of inviting someone - perhaps a friend, perhaps a neighbour - someone you've made connections and built relationships with - to church on Sunday.


We are where we are for a reason as a church when we gather, but also when we scatter. God, as part of His plan and purpose, has so arranged where we live, the neighbours we have and the streets we live in.  He has placed us where we are so that we might be His witnesses - to reach out with the gospel through making connections and building those all important missional relationships.  God has, as it says in Ecclesiasties 3:11, "set eternity in the hearts of men", so that we can speak meaningfully about the reality if a personal and lasting 
eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are where we are for a reason.  Let's take the opportunity therefore, because mission to our community that is Newton Mearns matters, to invite a friend or neighbour to church on this "Back to Church" Sunday.


Come to church logo 2


Invitations extended today and tomorrow as part of the "Back to Church" initiative, may well be the first and key step in many, not only coming to Newton Mearns Baptist Church on Sunday morning and subsequent Sunday mornings.....but, like the two sons in the parable 
of the prodigal son we read of in Luke 15, experiencing perhaps for the first time.....the lavish love of a welcoming they "find their place at the table"!

In the news...

16 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Coalition: 'We will restore faith to heart of Britain’

Religion will play a crucial role in Coalition policy and should remain at the "heart of society", a senior Tory minister pledged ahead of the Pope's historic visit to Britain.  More...


Mohler says he's embarrassed by past support of women in ministry

A seminary president who served on a committee that 10 years ago revised the Southern Baptist Convention's confessional document to declare that only men should be pastors told students Sept. 14 that he was embarrassed by his former advocacy of women in ministry.  More...

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Papal visit: Pope flying to UK for historic trip

Pope Benedict XVI has left Italy and is flying to Edinburgh to begin the first papal visit to the UK for 28 years.  More...


Banned Nun Ad To Be Shown On Pope's Route

An ice cream company whose advert showing a pregnant nun was banned has vowed to show similar pictures along the route of the Pope's London visit.  More...


John Piper still working on his soul and family during ministry time-out

Halfway into his first leave from ministry, evangelical pastor John Piper released an update to let supporters know how he is doing on the soul, family and vocational front.  More...

Post Pop Connections

15 September 2010


As we continue to look forward to this week's Pop Connections concerts at NMBC, what's maybe less known about is the "what happens next".  And, what does happen next for sure is that there's a new  SU group which will be starting in Crookfur Primary post- the concerts.  Jenny Andrews and Jim Whitelaw are starting the group for P6s and P7s on Monday the 20th of September.  The group'll run between 3.15pm anf 4.15pm each week.  Jim's asked that we please pray that there will be a good interest from the kids in the new group, and also a willingness from parents to allow their children to come.  Anyone looking for more information should get in touch with Jim This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - he'd be delighted to tell you more!


SU logo for news page

In the news...

15 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Churches work together to promote Peacemaking Sunday

...The materials are being provided jointly by the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB), the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church.  More...


Tony Blair denies he 'asked God what to do' when Prime Minister

He said his decisions were never driven by religion, although his faith guides his moral character.  More...

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Indonesian president condemns attack on Christian leaders

... A church leader was stabbed Sunday by attackers on a motorcycle and a reverend was hit on the head with a plank of wood while they were en route to a service in the Bekasi district, just east of Jakarta.  More...


Pope hit by mass apathy



Sex and death lie at the poisoned heart of religion by Polly Toynbee

Why invite the pope on a state visit – at a cost of millions in a time of cutbacks – when the vast majority are secular?  More...

In the news...

14 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Churches welcome Pope’s visit to Britain

Unanimous welcome for Pope's visit from England's churches, including the Church of England, The Salvation Army, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and the Church of God of Prophecy.  More...


Anger as church fails to punish Belgian abusers

The Catholic Church in Belgium yesterday promised to open a rehabilitation centre for child abuse victims after an investigation found that hundreds of young people were raped and assaulted by its priests over the past 40 years.  More...

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Kashmir: Christian school torched after reported desecration of Koran in US

Hundreds of Muslims in the divided region of Kashmir took to the streets Monday night in violent protest against the reported desecration of the Koran in the US over the weekend.  More...


Songs of Praise issues a ‘vicar challenge’

The BBC One Songs of Praise programme is inviting viewers to challenge their vicar to ‘do something fantastic’ for this year’s Children in Need appeal.  More...


Emerging Church, Rabbi Gamaliel and the Theological Curriculum

Editor: Jim Gordon, Principal of the Scottish Baptist College, asks some meaty questions about emerging church following meetings at Regent’s Park College last week.  More...

Pop Connections prayer

14 September 2010


The Pop Connections concerts are nearly here, and with them in mind here are some things to help us pray about them, and in fact both the Pop Connections project itself and our own follow up in Newton Mearns:


Brian More and Trish Collins write: "Connections are everywhere.....and lots of them too!!  320 tickets have gone for the opening night's concert, with 290 for Thursday evening.  We sense that this is a very significant event for the ongoing work on NMBC in the immediate community of our building.   Please pray for:


  1. good weather for the School walk to NMBC tomorrow afternoon for the rehearsal;
  2. Andy Silver as he rehearses the school and leads both concerts;
  3. Karon Cormack and us as we participate in the church item in the concert - Both Karon and me, Trish, have been parents of kids at Crookfur Primary;
  4. the "take home" bags for the 217 families (321 children) which include NMBC literature, Core sign up sheets, toddlers group sign up sheet, pencil, balloon and free "coffee & cake" voucher for Oasis Cafe;
  5. the Core who are planning a games and quiz night next Monday the 20th as a welcome to any new kids who accept the invite to come;
  6. the three Pop Connections team members and all the AV elements of the concerts - very complex;
  7. stewarding staff and welcomers;
  8. an uneventful evening for stewards, etc. who have responsibility for moving 300 children to and from staging, and also 300+ audience members each night;
  9. Core leaders who will be distributing the bags at the end of the concerts and engaging children and families; and
  10. the 3-minute video made by the Core for showing on both night.


"And give thanks for God's people in NMBC who finance the ministry of NMBC through regular giving as a response of love to the risen Christ - without our giving Pop Connections wouldn't happen!  In anticipation.....


Brian and Trish"


Pop Connection logo for news page

In the news...

13 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


British missionary freed from hard labour in Gambian prison



Australia lawyer 'smokes' Koran, Bible pages

An Australian lawyer tore pages from the Koran and the Bible and smoked them on YouTube, days after a US pastor's threat to burn Islam's holy book triggered deadly protests and global condemnation.  More...

Newspaper logo


Related: S.African court blocks plan to burn Bible 



Pope visit: Opus Dei spokesman claims Britons ignorant about religion

The British are ignorant about religion, according to a senior Roman Catholic figure, who claimed the Pope's visit will serve both to educate the nation and provide a "whopping profit" to host cities.  More...


Welcome to Holy Land – Europe's first Christian theme park

Mallorca attraction plans to offer visitors everything from the last supper to 'live resurrections.  More...


Societies without God are more benevolent

...True, there is some evidence to suggest that atheists and agnostics are more likely to engage in underage drinking and illicit drug use. But the wider conclusion on the links between crime and religious belief holds good: if you want safe streets, move to a godless neighbourhood.  More...

Fun day pic's

12 September 2010


We've photo's of yesterday's Community Week Fun Day online now - thanks to Jim Howie for snapping away during the day and for sending over as many pic's as he did.  See them here.

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