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3 September 2010


Today's headlines courtesy of the Baptist Union of Great Britain


Stephen Hawking: religious leaders dismiss 'God not needed' comments

The Archbishop of Canterbury has dismissed the conclusion by Stephen Hawking, the retired Cambridge scientist, that the Big Bang was the result of the inevitable laws of physics and did not need God to create the Universe.  More...


Related: Stephen Hawking and God - lazy reporters make up stuff

Editor: Good article on the Hawkings story by Church Mouse and the comments after it make interesting reading too.  More...

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Related: In praise of … God

The universe just ramped itself up. Simple. And yet doubts remain - spontaneous creation is, for most folk, just a contradiction in terms.  More...


White House forced to say Obama is a ‘mainstream Christian’ after attack from talk show host Glenn Beck



Catholics in Britain; The fruits of adversity

Bolstered by immigration and challenged by the economic downturn, the church is playing an ever more active role.  More...